The EMERGEN-DB application was developed using a Docker containerization approach which improves the reproducibility of the analyses. We use Docker to develop and manage EMERGEN-DB. We invite you to verify that the following requirements are satisfied before trying to bootstrap the application:

  • Docker 20.10.5+

    We recommend you to follow Docker’s official documentations to install required docker tools (see links above).To help you, explanatory videos for each operating system are available here

Docker must be on for the duration of EMERGEN-DB use.


The EMERGEN-DB application is composed of several services running in separate docker containers. To make them work together, we use Docker-compose. Below is the link to the installation page proposed by Docker :


As the project is currently in a [private GitLab repository](, you need GitLab credentials and these credentials must have been added to the collaborators group of the repository in order to have access to the code and the docker image available in its registry.

Please, contact the owners of the EMERGEN-DB GitLab repository to be added to the authorized collaborators.